Remote Control Bunker Test System

This system is operated using a large HMI touch screen control package that allows the user to remotely select the test pressures and test medium for conducting pressure tests on various components or assemblies. All pressure is contained inside and behind the bunker providing a safe and pressure free environment for the operator.

The system is designed as a fail-safe set-up. This means if anyone attempts to access the inside of the bunker or activates the E-Stop button in the control panel, the pumps will stop and all pressure will be vented from the test part and system.
Anytime there is pressure in the system, there is a flashing red strobe light to let everyone know the bunker is in use.

Additional Features

  • The system will collect all pressure data during a test and store it for retrieval at any time by the user via a USB port in the control panel.
  • High definition cameras are located inside the bunkers and are monitored from the control panel using a pan, tilt and zoom joystick.
  • A safety inter-lock is also included in the panel to allow manager approved and controlled access to the bunker.
  • Options for this can include point and click operator interface, live data graphing, print ready graphs of each test report and automation of test cycles.

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